About me


I can say with great confidence that every designer and artist was engaged in professional activities or just a person, faced with the need to have tools and advice in the form of professional systems, such as the Pantone system. Fans of Pantone know, even in small quantities, it can not be worn in a pocket or bag, because it has too bulky volume and heavy weight. It's very inconvenient to use. I was faced with these inconveniences, and I began to look for a solution to this problem, and as a result, a catalog of colors was created. This catalog, a set for finding colors and shades is unlikely to replace the fan of the Pantone system. But with only one set of color cards that you can easily put in your pocket and palm, this will greatly facilitate your creative work with colors and help achieve an agreement with your customers.

The color guide consists of sets of colored cards printed on transparent plastic cards and having different tonal gradations that give a certain number of combinations and shades as a result of alternating overlaps.

Private company "Orka", - the owner. (The activity of the enterprise is suspended).


My work can be found on the page "My works",


Yours sincerely! Valery Dzigalo.


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